• I am Jere Kilpinen.

  • I was born 14th of April, 1989.

  • I worked with the long-term-unemployed, socially excluded youth, and other outcasts of society in the past.

  • In 2019 I graduated from Lahti University of Applied Sciences, as a media content designer. Bachelor's degree.

  • I started studying Art in SAMK, Kankaanpää art institute in 2018.

  • I moved to Osaka, Japan in 2019.

  • I have been in bands since 2006, organizing shows and events, doing graphic design, taking and mailing orders, shooting music videos in toilets, not getting paid, driving thousand kilometers for a twenty minute show, basically being a DIY-machine. If I can't do something, I learn it. If I still can't do it, I work around.

  • I can play any instrument just the way it wants to be played.

  • I am not a musician, nor painter, nor writer. I am a medium for the Pure Consciousness through which it expresses itself.

  • I don't believe in afterlife.

  • I barely believe in this one either.

  • If you have any questions, ask. I like questioning myself and my views.

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