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Other Projects


I have collaborated with many different bands and projects in my time, but here are the few more active projects:

Weiches Loch

Weiches Loch is Osaka based industrial tribal junk metal percussion group, currently working as a trio. This is the kind of music I always wanted to do, but never found the right people from Finland.  It is more a spiritual practice than it is music and I am honored to be part of it.

雑草 (Zasso)

Zasso is an improvisation duo with me and Miho Murakami, also known as Brainscore PK. You can finde the music from here.




Käki is an avant-garde sound collective that doesn't really exist. No members, no songs, no genres, no thoughts. Just people and material collaborating in a certain time and space.  We started it together with guitarist Cédrik Bano in 2017 and has been lately mostly active recording stuff back and forth.


Besides these I have played with endless improvisation groups all around Finland and Osaka, Japan, been part of various other bands in different times of my life. I am also planning on some interesting musical and sound art related projects for the future.


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